About CrossCharge

CrossCharge innovates EV charging through a peer-to-peer network, transforming private infrastructure into public charging points. Focused on accessibility and sustainability, our platform utilizes advanced technology like OCPP for seamless operation and offers an intuitive app for users. By leveraging community spaces for EV charging, CrossCharge promotes sustainable transportation and aims to significantly reduce carbon emissions. Join our journey towards a greener future as we make EV charging universally accessible.

Our Vision

CrossCharge recognizes the urgent need to solve the EV charging infrastructure problem. Our mission extends beyond facilitating easier cross-country trips for EV owners. We envision a future where electric vehicles are the norm, supported by a robust charging infrastructure catering to the needs of all drivers, thus significantly reducing the carbon footprint of personal transportation.


The reliance on gasoline vehicles exacerbates environmental degradation, contributing to climate change, air quality decline, and health risks. Electric vehicles offer a cleaner alternative, emitting far fewer pollutants, but the transition to electric mobility is stifled by insufficient charging infrastructure.