Adaptive and Active Dampers


The Outcome

Convert the structures to the smart tremor resistant with an Active Vibration Control System
Increase the structure’s strength against the Nature Forces
Green Technology
Valuable output data

Advantages of Viscous Dampers:

  • Simple and Reliable: Viscous dampers have a straightforward design that is easy to implement, making them a reliable choice for a wide range of structures.
  • Broad Applicability: They can effectively dampen vibrations caused by various sources such as earthquakes, wind, machinery, and human activities.
  • Predictable Performance: The damping force generated by viscous dampers is proportional to velocity, providing predictable and consistent damping behavior.


The Ring of Fire includes the Pacific coasts of South America, North America, and Kamchatka, and some islands in the western Pacific Ocean.

  • Over 1.4 million Earthquakes occur every year and 150 of magnitude 6 and up.
  • The vibration from a magnitude 7 earthquake can travel for 80 Km. 
  • 90% proportion of the world’s earthquakes take place within the Pacific Ring of Fire.


  • Programmable and smart Control of displacement and dissipation 
  • Solar cell Power Source 
  • Monitoring the condition and behavior of the structure under different circumstances 
  • Transferring recorded data 
  • Auto adjustable and stabilizer during installation 
  • Alarm system in critical conditions
  • Maximum Protection